Why do I have a dent after rhinoplasty and is filler (what type) a good option for me? (photo)

I received a rhinoplasty 10 years ago and a few years after surgery I starting noticing what looked like a dent on the side of my nose. Now it looks like I have a crack across my nose which is pretty noticeable. I have no interest in having a second rhinoplasty so I'm wondering if there are other options for permanent correction? Are fillers only temporary? Do you recommend a particular filler for this problem?

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Dent after rhinoplasty?

A dent after rhinoplasty can be due to a number of things including the following:

1) Nasal collapse

2) Poor technique during surgery

An exam would be necessary to provide you with specific advice. Filler may be an option, but it is important to be aware of the potential risks including the following:

1) Infection

2) Asymmetry

3) Necrosis

I would recommend seeking a consult with a rhinoplasty specialist to help determine what you may benefit from. I hope this helps! 

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Dent after Rhinoplasty: What about filler

It is difficult to give advice without seeing you in person, but it is likely that a filler could improve the appearance.  However, fillers are pretty temporary. I have been much happier with fat graft which can persist for at least many years. For minor imperfections and indentations, I have been very happy with the results ( and so have my patients).

Thomas A. Mustoe, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Why do I have a dent after rhinoplasty and is filler (what type) a good option for me?

   A filler may be reasonable, but an exam would be best to make this determination.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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