Would smooth implants be a better choice for me?

I read that smooth implants are more mobile than textured ones, since breast tissue doesn't grow into their surface. Does this make the smooth implants a better choice for people working out their pectoral muscles? I love running and doing pushups, and I don't think I'd go through with the surgery if I can't do both again after maybe a couple of months. Should be mentioned I'm gonna go for small implants - moderate profile if not even low to avoid "pushing" the muscles too much from the inside.

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Smooth implants a better choice for me?

Based on the information you supply about yourself and without the benefit of examination, I would recommend textured round or shaped silicone gel breast implants placed above the muscle to give you your desired result.

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information, I suggest you to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, to determine what's the best choice for you on size and type. I like Soft cohesive silicone implants

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
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Shaped textured implants vs. smooth implants

Your question is not easy to answer without an examination or photographs.  There is certainly not once size or type of implant fits all.  Some women are more appropriate candidates for smooth walled implant while other are better candidates for textured shaped anatomic implants.  It you have sufficient soft tissue to cover the implant and you have a normal distance from the inframammary crease to the nipple then a smooth walled gel implant will be fine.  But if you have a short distance from the nipple to the crease, in the 3 to 5 cm range and the only shape of the breast is the implant then a round implant will look round and not as natural as an anatomic implant.  In some individuals I believe that the shaped textured implants will prevent complications such as a double bubble or bottoming out and malposition because the texturing helps the implant stay where you want it.  The dissection for a shaped device is much more meticulous than with a round device since a shaped implant must fit in like a hand going in a glove.  I use both smooth and textured implants.  The procedure must be individualized and your plastic surgeon should have experience using both types so that you can get the optimal result. I find one of the biggest differences between a smooth implant and a shaped implant is that with a shaped implant the implant shapes the breast and not the other way around.  Educate yourself about both types and make the best decision with the help of  your plastic surgeon. 

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Smooth Implants

Thank you for your question. If you enjoy push up's I would recommend putting implants on top of the muscle. When you go above the muscle, the muscle doesn't influence the breast pocket. I have many patients that do Crossfit. Some of these patients do up to 200 push up's in a session. If you go above the muscle I recommend a textured implant.  Studies have shown that textured implants above the muscle helps to keep the breast soft. 

If you go under the muscle I would choose a smooth implant. Peck exercises including push up's can cause the implant to be pushed down and out to the side. In this scenario the implant tendency to fall to the side over time. The reason this happens is the muscle contraction during the exercise pushes the breast implant down and out. I hope you fin this helpful.    

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Smooth or textured implants for #breastaugmentation

Textured silicone breast implants were introduced in an attempt to reduce capsular contracture by "disorganizing" the scar. Studies have been mixed about whether this theory is true in patients. Sientra likes to qoute their own study showing slightly less risk of contracture with textured devices versus smooth, while ignoring numerous other studies conducted since the 1990's shwoing mixed results. Now texture has more to do with trying to keep anatomic devices in the proper orientation. Imagine an upside anatomic teardrop implant. The textured shell itself is thicker and less pliable when manufactured and the devices move less so it can be a firmer and less natural breast implant, many times a negative, but in the case of a lift or certain anatomy may be beneficial. Although EXTREMELY rare it bears noting that all cases of ALCL reported have been with textured implants. So because it's, in my opinion, still just a theoretical benefit for the vast majority of primary breast augmentation patients, and may cause unique problems, I use mostly smooth unless a patient requests the textured or if I am trying to have the texture hold an implant in place on a large lift. I have attached a link with further explanation of the various types of implants available. Best of luck.

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Smooth vs. textured implants

Thanks for the question.  I often use smooth breast implants, unless I am using anatomic implants which are textured.  I like the movement that smooth implants offer, and when the implants are placed partially subpectoral a recent study shows that the capsular rate may actually be a little better than with textured implants.  Discuss this with your local Plastic Surgeon and always feel free to discuss this to your satisfaction.

Good luck to you.

Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Smooth or textured breast implants

I'm not a big fan of textured implants.  To me, it is kind of like having Velcro on top of the implant.  They are not only less mobile, but I also think they are stiffer because of the textured surface which can lead to feeling ripples/wrinkles more if they are present.  The idea of the textured surface was that it would decrease the risk of developing capsular contractures.  While the textured surface may help slightly in preventing capsular contractures when implants are placed above the chest muscle, there really is no added benefit when implants are placed below the chest muscle.

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Smooth vs. textured breast implants

I use mainly smooth implants for the reasons you mentioned and the ones below. The exception would be if I use anatomic (or teardrop-shaped) implants, those must be textured or they will rotate.  As far as working out your chest muscles, you may want to consider getting your implants placed over the pectoral muscles to avoid the animation of your breasts with pec flexion.  Be sure you select a PS who has lots of experience with over-the-muscle placement.  Also ask your PS about subfascial placement vs. subglandular placement. I hope this helps!

Victor Ferrari, MD, FACS
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Implants move over time

Hi. They are more mobile but this is not always good. The issue I have with smooth round implants in a subpectoral plane is that they have the propensity to move downwards and outwards over time with the action of the muscle on the implant if you are doing a lot of pectoral exercises. There is also the problem of animation which will distort the implant when you flex your pecs.  Think about textured implants in a subglandular plane.  Regards

Would smooth implants be a better choice for me?

Yes, I agree with your thesis that textured implants are less mobile. Small smooth implants give the most natural look and feel in my opinion.

Another reason I no longer use textured breast implants is that a very very rare form of cancer occuring in the breast implant capsule only occurs around textured breast implants,, never in smooth walled implants.

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