3rd post op (BBL) and I think I look exactly the same. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I remove my faja today for the first time, and got totally upset and depressed for all the pain I am going through and I think I look exactly the same. It is 3 days ago I got my surgery done, should I be worried? Is it going to look better? I hate my hips I just wanted them gone completely

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Results after BBL

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Looking at your photos I assume they are in the oposite order. Looks like you have significant improvement in the shape of your waist and back due to liposuction. Is hard to assess volume difference from this view but looks like your buttocks is more round. 3 days is too short to assess any difference and you are probably swollen around the buttock as well. Give yourself 5 more weeks to really tell and keep wearing your garment. Congratulations on your recent procedure. Enjoy!

3 days or weeks post op

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Was the surgery done by a plastic surgeon?
What did you paid for? a bbl, lipo?
Did you have lipo to flanks and lumbar areas?
Please speak with the one who did it
is he she a plastic surgeon? passionate, artistic?

Ofer Rodriguez, DO
Miami Plastic Surgeon

3 days post op

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Either the post operative recovery time wasn't explained or you are just being impatient. Regardless, 3 days is way too early to be concerned about appearance. Swelling will last for up to 6 months but you will have a better idea around 6 weeks. I can already see an improvement so relax and focus on a healthy diet and using your compression garment. Best of luck

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