Can I keep my nipple piercings if I have breast surgery? (Areola Reduction)

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Piercings During and After Surgery

Good question. I ask that all my patients remove all metal piercings during surgery. Once the surgery is done, depending what location the piercing was, you can put it back. If you have a nipple piercing for example and you are having an areola reduction, you cannot put the piercing back until breasts are completely healed (usually 3 weeks). Whatever you do consult with your plastic surgeon prior to surgery.

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Nipple Piercings/Breast Surgery

Dear mela_nean, 

Whether you can leave them in is up to your surgeon, so I would double check with them. In our office patients can keep in piercings as long as they are not metal, or they can get plastic spacers so that the hole doesn't close (you don't want metal on your body because of the risk of a burn with the electrocautery used for sealing blood vessels). Depending on the surgeon's technique, you may be able to keep the piercing even though it is in the vicinity of the surgical site. Again, I would just confirm with your surgeon. Good luck!

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