Is it inflammation or are my implants falling out? (Photo)

Hello, I had breast argumentation surgery done the 29th of June. On my right breast I had a lift with an anchor scar, and when I removed the tape today, I noticed a bit of inflammation, where the scars meet, and there was a small "hole". The healing process have been a bit delayed there so it haven't been fully closed, but Im very worried what it might be, and my clinic is closed for a few days. I tried cleaning with a bit of salt water and that didn't hurt, but made it bleed a bit.

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Wound healing

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It is hard to tell from the picture, but this looks like delayed wound healing.  I would keep it clean with soap and water and moist with ointment. It will most likely heal on its own. Follow up with your surgeon for monitoring of signs of exposed implant, which I don't see on this photo.

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