How is a good Fat Transfer technique done? Curious to know more

Hi. What technique is better for fattransfer to cheek and eyes.. Going through real self, articles and YouTube videos from doctors. It seems it is mostly performed in 3 layers in this area. Under muscle and between muscle and an fat layer. Also in hollow eyes, I read that the fat should be put under the muscle,.. So what techniques do you use to avoid lumps, and a even result. I also see some doctors put the incision very different. And some are gentle and other harsh with the cannula.

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Fat Transfer, Final Results? Best Harvesting Methods with PRP.

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I suggest you see an expert who uses gentle extraction with water (BodyJet) and adds PRP to the harvested fast to increase viability.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Fat transfer

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You did not mention what area of the body you are considering fat injection.  Smooth even injections in small aliquots is the way to go in the face.  Best of luck.

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Fat Transfer

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Fat transfer needs to follow certain techniques in liposuctioning the fat, preparation of the fat and injecting the fat. For fat transfer to the face

fat is aspirated by the tumescent technique, with a very small cannula, low aspiration pressure (Syringe liposuction). The fluid is decanted of all the fluid. the fat is centrifuged. fat is transferred to smaller syriges to breaks big lumps of fat and get rid of fibrous strands.

The fat is injected (preferably using a special low pressure injector). In some areas the injection site is deep and in others more superficial. Best to have the fat built up in layers from different directions as in a mesh fashion with micro cannula.

fat is injected in small aliquots as one pulls out the blunt cannula (never a needle)

This should be done in the operating room under very sterile conditions, mostly under local anesthesia or mild sedation.

The areas to be augmented with fat should be marked precisely and the patient should approve the plan just before the actual surgery.

The amount of fat should be discussed with the patient ahead of time and approved by the patient .

it is better to under fill than to over fill.

Patients must understand that they may need another round of fat transfer, and the patient is fully responsible for the total cost of any further surgery.

All risks must be discussed with the patient in details and the patient must understand all potential risks. Must discuss with the surgeon in advance what are the financial responsibilities for any further surgery.

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