Gauze is red, is this a hematoma? (photos)

I had my gynecomastia surgery(lipo+tissue removal) yesterday, and a couple of hours after fluids came out. I have a black vest on, so i couldn't notice the color. Until i took some toilet paper, and wiped it. The colour was pinkish/red, is this a hematoma. Should i be worried?? They told me fluids are common, but im not sure if this is right. This is the day after/today

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Does Red Gauze Idicate Hematoma

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Following surgery, your incisions will go through a maturation process. For the first few months they will be red and possibly raised and/or firm. As the scar matures, after 6-12 months, it becomes soft, pale, flat, and much less noticeable. You may experience numbness, tingling, burning, “crawling”, or other peculiar sensations around the surgical area. This is a result of the healing of tiny fibers which are trapped in the incision site. These symptoms will disappear. Some people are prone to keloids, which is an abnormal scar that becomes prominent. If you or a blood relative has a tendency to keloid formation, please inform the doctor.

Now, it is hard to tell if red gauze immediately indicates hematoma, but definitely if this is still an issue it is best to visit with your surgeon to have the area examined.

See your surgeon

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You should make an appointment with your plastic surgeon for an in person examination as the symptoms you are describing could indicate a number of things. More pictures would be helpful, but having your doctor examine you and prescribe further treatment is probably necessary.

Good luck!

Hematoma after gynecomastia surgery?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after gynecomastia surgery. Whether or not what you're experiencing is "normal" will depend on exactly what procedure was performed; therefore, only your plastic surgeon will be able to provide you with an accurate assessment and/or meaningful reassurance. Let him/her know of your situation. Best wishes.

Fluid and dressing

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 Without peeling down the dressing and performing an exam, it is difficult to say, Best to ask your surgeon.


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Most liposuction patients leak for 24-48 hrs with blood tinged fluid. That is why the gauze is there to absorb it. Hematomas are a collection of blood under the skin, Check with your surgeon to make sure, but this looks pretty normal to me.

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