Can I get a Barbie Nose? (photos)

Hi! :) I got rhinoplasty TWO times! One full rhinoplasty and one small rhinoplasty (only tip and middle nose) by two different doctors - and I am still not satisfied. I want a cute narrow barbie nose, but the doctors told me that I hav thick nasal skin! Is it impossible for me to get my dream-nose? Or would a THIRD rhinoplasty help? It is almost one year ago since the last rhinoplasty and I KNOW the healing process can be up to 18 month. Thank you :)

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It depends on the state of your current anatomy...

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While it's true that thick skin can put a limit on the amount of narrowing that is possible -- because we can't thin the skin -- the amount of narrowing that you might be able to get in a third rhinoplasty depends on *why* your nose is wide right now. For example, if the tip cartilages are of a size and position that they are contributing greatly to the width of your tip, then narrowing those tip cartilages can make a meaningful difference even if the skin is thicker than average. The same goes for the area just above the tip of the nose, and higher up, where the nose is made of bone: if the bones haven't been narrowed as much as they safely can be narrowed, then another operation could make you happier with your nose.

It's very hard to determine this, however, without an in-person examination!

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