Dermal Abrasion Ander GA After Fractional Co2 Laser?

I'm female 39 year i did fractional co2 laser 4 session for acne scar and skin texture I didn't find the result I want I'm tired of experience the waiting time with pain, bleeding, redness and stay at home for 6 days,i read about dermal abrasions for making my skin smoother like a baby but I'm afraid from the hyperpegmentation or producing a new scars because I'm not white skin person and am not so young, please help did I continue the sessions for co2 laser or doing dermal abrasions under GA? Thx

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CO2 laser for acne scars

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CO2 laser is a very effective treatment for acne scars. In my practice it has almost completely replaced dermabrasion as the treatment of choice for resurfacing the skin. In darker pigmented patients I find that there is a higher chance of hyperpigmentation after dermabrasion. I generally use the Deep FX Lumenis treatment as the basis for acne scars but often go over this either at the same time or a different treatment with the more shallow Active FX treatment. 4 treatments should have made a significant effect by now but if your skin is quite dark it may be that your surgeon just did not want to go very deep because of the risk of hyperpigmentation. A good skin care regimen before the laser treatments with a retinol cream will make the skin heal faster afterwards and a pigment gel for a few weeks prior to the laser or dermabrasion will help prevent hyperpigmentation after the treatment. Please be sure that you are using an experienced plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is board certified and performs this treatment frequently. Good luck with your decision.

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