My crown cracked and fell out while flossing. Small top piece on left side. My other crown has crack right across middle (Photo)

I need help I gave no money. Just retired. Selling home, so money on paper. I endured 7 1/2 hr mandibular split in 1994. My three front crowns are cracking. PC fell out tonight while flossing. Scared. I put it back in place. Ordered bonding to glue it back in. Have implants under these 3 crowns. Need help, but, no one wants to help me.

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Cracked tooth

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Hello, thanks for write! To give you a diagnostic is difficult without xrays but definitely is necesary to replace the cracked ones. Maybe you can go for dental tourism that could be cheaper. Send us some pictures to see if we can help you with that and provide you with a quote and a complete treatment plan.

Thank you!

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