How was my incision closed after Breast reduction?

I am 4 weeks post op from a breast reduction with FNG. My surgeon removed almost 10 lbs. taking me from an H cup to aD cup. My concern is that along my incisions that are underneath each breast I feel these small stick like things that are under the skin and spaced almost evenly apart along the incision line. My question is, what are they? Why are they there?

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Surgeons have their own ways to close wounds

and you should simply ask your surgeon.  Some use this dissolving staple that goes under the skin but most use sutures.  Your surgeon will be happy to let you know what you are feeling and will give you the reassurances you are looking for that it will all be fine.

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Breast Reduction closure

Thank you for your question.Congratulations on your breast reduction I'm sure your back and neck are significantly relieved. This question will be easily answered by your surgeon at your next post op visit for specifics of which sutures were used.Typically the breast incisions will be closed in layers with deeper layers closed with absorbable sutures. (This is likely what you are feeling). Alternatively some surgeons use absorbable internal staples. The skin is typically closed with another layer of absorbable sutures. Again there are some surgeons that will use staples or sutures that are removed at a post operative visit.
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