Options for repairing umbilical hernia? I have had four surgeries the last being an open surgery to repair a hernia (Photo)

My last surgery was in January 2016 at the Cleveland Clinic and felt it pop in April. I have had a cat scan to confirm but haven't called surgeon again. I'm tired of all this. I want to know if I can have a surgery similar to a bi pass to remove the problem area? Also have an apron that causes much pain. Is it possible to do something about both of these problems at the same time?

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Options for repairing umbilical hernia?

Four surgeries to correct one problem.  I would be frustrated as well.  However the question here is why the repairs have failed.  That is unusual for a straightforward umbilical hernia.  So what is going on in your case that makes this so different?  No internet consultation will be able to give you that answer.  A careful consideration of your history and a thorough exam can are needed.  So I would go back to your surgeon at Cleveland Clinic.  And it is probably not a good idea to combine a complex hernia repair with a panniculectomy/tummy tuck.  Good luck.

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