Will I lose my teeth? (Photo)

Hello i was just wondering if i am in danger of loosing my teeth at this stage it does not or ever did seem to help to brush my teeth but i still do. I can not afford a dentist apoitment and that is the only reason i have not gone in atm

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You may lose your tooth

Without the help of a dentist, you very likely will lose one or several teeth.  There are two main issue: debris attached to the teeth (tartar) that will never come off with a toothbrush, and bacteria that is destroying gum and bone around the teeth.

if you hope to salvage anything at all, you MUST see a dentist.

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You are going to loose your teeth

I do not know what make you be in this situation , but certainly you will have not a good prognosis , remember that the teeth are supported in the bone , but if you do not attend this very soon all the support structure will be in danger and of course you will loose terth.
it seems you are young , so still can have a good solution if you attend this promptly
there are several techniques than can be done 
x rays are a must, so go get a panoramic x ray for a more complete diagnose 

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