Could invisalign help with my shifted midline and create the space I need to put in veneers? (Photos)

I'm looking to correct my shifted midline and fix my small lateral teeth. My midline is off by 4mm, would invisalign be a option to help with my shifted midline and create enough space in between my teeth so I could eventually put veneers on my laterals? Also could the veneers keep my midline in place?

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Invisalign can help shift midlines

Thank you for posting your question.  Invisalign can be great way to help correct the midline alignment of teeth. How much correction can be achieved can only be determined after the case is worked up.  I would suggest to get comprehensive care rather then just focus on the front teeth for long term stability and function.  How teeth come together is just as important as how they look from the outside.  Once records are taken, invisalign can create a Clin-check or virtual movie of the tooth movements necessary to achieve the desired result.  The case can be worked up in different ways to see what would be the best option for you to achieve the best smile before you do anything. Getting it right might take time but it will be well worth it.  Hope this helps.    

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