How many hair grafts would I need to fill up hairline again? (photos)

Hello. 30 yr old male here. How many grafts do I need to restore my hairline? Am I a Norwood 2? I lost some hairs at each side of my head (widow's peak). Could finasterid help me regain hair? I still have some hairs at the affected places but they are very small and dont grow very long, also they seem to have changed growth direction which is weird.

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How many hair grafts would I need to fill up hairline again

If you have same area at the left corner ( we can see just right gulf area ) I think you need 1400 -1500 grafts to cover all bald area to have a dense result. finasterid can not help you to regain hair.

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30 year old with questionable hair loss

I would perform a HAIRCHECK measurement of your hair bulk to see if you are actually losing hair. With your platinum blonde hair, it is almost impossible to tell short of this test. Do't rush to a hair transplant as you may lose more than you gain at this stage. 

William Rassman, MD
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How many grafts to restore hairline?

Honestly, the pictures you have uploaded don't show much hair loss at all. Maybe a Norwood I? Unless there is more than meets the eye, I'm not sure a hair transplant would be appropriate. Bear in mind that RealSelf does not have pinch-to-enlarge functionality for iOS mobile devices, so the photos I'm looking at are very small Also, you did not optimize the angles of your photos to give a clear view of your hairline. You should have a face-to-face consultation with a hair transplant surgeon who could provide a more meaningful assessment. 

Finasteride won't help you regain hair that is gone, but I may help strengthen the weak hairs you still have. And although finasteride probably doesn't work as well for a receding hairline as it does for thinning over the top and back of the head, I think most hair loss experts would agree it is worth taking.

Jonathan Ballon, MD
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Hair to be

Hi Improvement44

Thanks for posting. You're photo's are great and give a good indication on what your concern is.Make sure you find an experienced surgeon who can give you long lasting results. Always remember, you get what you pay for. The base price for a hair transplant is £7000. This varies depending on what area you need covering.

PRP: Might be a first option: Platelet Rich Plasma involves the injection of a patient’s own plasma and growth factors in to targeted areas by a cosmetic specialist. PRP treatment for hair rejuvenation involves the injection of a patient’s own plasma and growth factors in to the to improve hair density and the acceleration of hair growth in order to improve the appearance of hair thickness and condition.

Hair loss is a common problem in both men and women. Now with the latest techniques in FUT & FUE we can achieve a natural permanent solution to hair loss. Under Local anaesthetic as a day case you can now get back the hair you once had. For many people, hair transplant surgery, also known as hair restoration, can effectively help bring back a fuller head of hair within months. With the latest techniques in hair transplantation we can offer a permanent solution to hair loss. We are now able to transplant individual hair follicles from one part of the body to another, whilst preserving their growth physiology and anatomy. This permanent solution means that the transplanted hair follicles will survive and grow as they once did in that area.

Photos show you have a hair line. So asking how many grafts you may need for a hair line doesn't really make sense

Photos show you have a hair line. So asking how many grafts you may need for a hair line doesn't really make sense.  You may want a lower hair line but that is something you have to show your doctor in person.  You need to start with an examination. 

Jae Pak, MD
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Graft requirement for Hairline Reconstruction

As per the pictures provided by you, a minimal hair loss affecting the right side of the hairline is being seen. The best thing will be to visit a Hair loss Physician, get a proper checkup done and start with a medical therapy. In case it does not workout then you can undergo Hair Transplant after knowing the pros and cones of doing the procedure at this stage.

Kapil Dua, MBBS, MS
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Hairline placement is based on facial dimensions and facial features.  There are facial features that can be enhanced by artistic hairline placement.  As such, better pictures are needed to assess.  

Rule of thumb:

1.  for every 1 cm of lowering of hairline, it roughly requires about 1000 grafts at a density of 75 fu/cm2.  
2.  If you make a fist and place your fist down on a table, the area it covers roughly needs 1500 grafts for moderate coverage.

Baubac Hayatdavoudi, MD
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Better hairlibne photos would be helpful

From your description, It sounds like you have some recession in your temporal recesses (sides of your hairlines). Your photos however do not show the hairline fully to allow for an objective evaluation. You should consider uploading a photo view showing your entire hairline. You may need to pull your hair back to adequately expose the hairline. Otherwise, the rest of your head (front and top) do not show evidence of hair loss hat would warrant surgical intervention. If however you have diffuced thinning which is not discernible from the photos provided, then medications would be a preferred approach to a solution. You should consult a dermatologist near you for an evaluation.

Sanusi Umar, MD
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How many grafts to enhance my hairline?

Dear improvement44,

Finesteride works best to slow or stop progression of hair loss. Regrowth occurs most commonly in the crown area in about 26%, and only rarely in the front 2%. It is difficult to assess your hair line without the benefit  of an in person evaluation, or photos showing the hair being combed back to expose the thinning. It looks to me that small touch up with 500 to 1000 grafts should be all that is needed. I would recommend that you consider finasteride if you are not currently taking it to help insure the future progression.


Bernardino A. Arocha, MD

Bernardino Arocha, MD, FISHRS
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