Would I be able to get a breast implant to create cleavage without needing a lift? (photo)

Would I be able to get a breast implant to create cleavage without needing a lift? If so, how big and what kind of an implant would I need? What kind of scar would it leave? I want to create fullness where I have no cleavage, keep my breasts the same size or larger, have minimal scarring, and never have to wear a bra.

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Would I be able to get a breast implant to create cleavage without needing a lift?

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Hi. You will need a full anchor breast lift. Anything less than will be disappointing to you. I would also add implants in the range of 200cc high profile, silicone. Your breasts will never look,like the woman who wears an A cup and subsequently gets implants. This type of A cup patient will have perky breasts an stand a better chance of not wearing a bra much longer than women with your breast shape. You will have to wear a bra to help hold up your breasts. Gravity eventually takes it's toll. Good luck. Dr. PG

Cleavage from a Breast Implant with/without a Lift?

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From your photos, it appears that your breasts sag too much for an implant without a lift to leave you looking good.  The likely result, even with a very large implant, would be for the implant to create fullness up high, in the cleavage area, but with the rest of your breast still sagging too low, and with the nipples still placed very low on the breasts.  This is referred to as the "double bubble" deformity.  You really would need a lift to remove excess skin, reshape the breasts, and lift them up  to create a youthful appearance.

Richard G. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation and lift candidate, some advices:

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Thank you very much for enquire.
After having analyzed all the information and photos provided to us, I realize that you have very sagging and small breasts. In this regard, you need volume (implants) and projection (the lift): Breast Augmentation w/Breast Lift.
I recommend you to use microtexturized highly cohesive silicon implant ("gummy bear" implants), with high projection, and 400ml will be excelent on you, to fill the breasts properly.
Finally, to perform the breast lift I recommend a Periareolar Round Block Breast Lift ("Benelli mastopexy"), which has an unnoticed scar around the areola, and if we see (in the surgery) that we can't obtain adecuate projection just with the Benelli Lift, we have to perform a "Lollipop breast lift".
Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

Emmanuel Mallol Cotes, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Would I be able to get a #breast implant to create #cleavage without needing a lift?

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Unfortunately, your desires are not realistic as far as what is possible to achieve the goal that you would like.  A breast implant will rarely create cleavage when there is none to begin with, the reason being that you anatomically have a wide set breast footprint and this cannot be changed anatomically to create "classic cleavage".  You may have some improvement with implants and a lift but for true cleavage you will likely still need a bra to push them together more to simulate cleavage in clothing/bathing suits.  Implants alone will increase the size of the breast but will do nothing for cleavage or for lifting and you have a decent amount of ptosis or sag so implant would likely be best if you would like to achieve fuller, perky breasts.  The size of implant completely depends on the measurements of your breast on physical exam as well as the amount of volume increase that you would like.  For example, 1 cup size is about 250cc give or take.  My guess is you would need a vertical lift (lollipop-type scar) but in most cases once the scar fades and softens (6-12 mo) they are minimally perceptible. It is never recommended to go braless unless you have very small breasts as gravity will take it's toll! The entire reason behind bras are to support the breasts to offset the effect of gravity on the skin and tissue (aka droop).  Finally, make sure to consult with board-certified plastic surgeons for best recommendations. Good luck!

Megan Jack, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Would I be able to get a breast implant to create cleavage without needing a lift?

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From your photos it appears that you would benefit from a lift, in order to remove excess skin, balance out the asymmetry- make your breasts perkier. 

Correcting Sagging breasts and creating Ckeavage: What to Do and what NOT to Do

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Although nothing beats an actual examination for an accurate assessment of a problem, your photos demonstrate significant breast deflation with asymmetry and lateral sifting on the chest wall widening the separation between the breasts. Just like leaving a pen in mid air and expecting it to float is unrealistic, putting implants in sagging breasts and hoping they would magically rise is as unrealistic. Gravity does not care if it's a speck of dust, a tree limb, a parachute jumper or a breast. It pulls them all down with equal force. Since helium containing breasts implants are not in line to be introduced anytime soon, you must understand that adding MORE weight to an already sagging breast and helping the sag by not wearing a bra will worsen the sag and not help it. 
The answer? A Brest Lift (if you're happy with your volumes) or a Breast Augmentation/Lift with an internal bra(to support the implants) if you want both perkier and larger breasts. 
I suggest you discuss all of your options with a good Plastic surgeon. 
Dr. Peter. A. Aldea
Memphis, TN

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Would I be able to get a breast implant to create cleavage without needing a lift

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Thank you for your question and photograph. Unfortunately I think you will not obtain a satisfactory result with only implant placement. You have a moderate amount of breast sagging and excess skin to your low-set breasts that will not correct itself with implants alone. A lift will correct both of these problems while also placing your nipple and areola into an elevated more youthful position and improving your shape and contour. Hope that this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Lift with implants

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An implant can lift a slightly ptotic or saggy breast but once you are past a certain level of droopiness you need a lift with or without implants. In your case you need a lift and in fact with cases like yourself I like to use an internal mesh bra with an implant - currently I prefer galaflex mesh to help support the implant

Jason Pozner, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question.  Based on your photos and stated goals, the procedure that would best meet your desired overall look would be a breast lift with implants.  Schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to be further evaluated, discuss your options, address your goals and work together to build a plan that will best help you achieve your overall desired look.With kind regards,
Lane F. Smith, M.D., F.A.A.C.S., F.A.O.H.N.S., F.A.B.F.P.R.S.
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Lane Smith, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Realistic Expectations are Key

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Hello delray84, There is generally much confusion with patients when considering augmentation with or without a lift. You are not alone. When it comes to confusion, cleavage is right up there with trying to judge what size implant you need. First things first: You need to determine how much increased volume you want and share that information with your surgeon. They will take into account how much existing breast tissue you have and work with you to make suggestions, but that choice lies with you. It is conflicting to say you want to keep them the same size, but also tell them larger is okay. How much larger is okay? Next: It’s also important to understand that increasing the size of your breasts is NOT what gives you cleavage. Rather, cleavage is a function of the natural shape and width of your chest and how close your breasts are together already. Your breasts in your photo appear to be naturally just set wider on your chest, so you will have more fullness after your augmentation, but not necessarily more cleavage. Your surgeon can help this a bit by creating a precise pocket along the midline and center of the chest (the sternum) to allow for better cleavage, but my best recommendation would be to have a breast lift (mastopexy). Women who are unhappy with sagging in their breasts often mistakenly think getting breast implants will magically lift and reposition their breasts to a higher place on their chest. Unfortunately, this just isn’t how our anatomy works. To restore breast volume and shape, an implant is used in conjunction with a breast lift to restore fullness in the upper part of the breast and also reposition the breast fold and aerola higher on the chest. (During a Mastopexy, the breast is lifted by removing the excess skin and restructuring the breast tissue underneath.) There are several types of lifts.They all have varying degrees of scarring, you should talk with your surgeon about what their best recommendation is for your end goal. You will have to make some compromises and determine what type of scar is going to achieve the shape of breasts you want. Or do the procedure that will leave you with the amount of scarring you're comfortable with, but not have the shape breast you want. The trade off with the most minimal scarring technique is that is that it also has the most minimal amount of lifting. My best advice to you would be to read more about the types of breast lifts and implants to educate yourself of the choices at hand, then meet with several board certified plastic surgeons. Your wishes are not unlike what we hear everyday, but they, unfortunately, are not completely realistic. I think you need to be ready for at minimum, a vertical breast lift and small implant (if you only wish to maintain your size) and taking care of your results long term by wearing a well fitting, comfortable bra. Best of Luck!

William Aiello, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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