Does a woman cycle in menopause have anything to do with "shock" hair loss after FUE?

I was never told about the possibility of "shock". Also had tummy tuck and doctor refused to perform lipo at same time stating he was concerned about blood loss. I respected his decision but now he wants and additional $6000 for the liposuction. I have many friends who paid the same price I did for the tummy tuck and they received both the tuck and the liposuction treatment.

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The decision to perform surgery is reserved for the patient and the doctor. It is hard to second guess the reason

The decision to perform surgery is reserved for the patient and the doctor.  It is hard to second guess the reason or if there was another reason for your doctor's concerns.  The primary concern for any doctor is their patient's safety.

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Shock loss

Shock loss occurs in women who are prone to hair loss from stress. The good news is that this hair usually returns in women, not men

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Menopause and shock loss

NoMarketinglustSKILL,Menopause is the change of life during which a women stops menstruating. There no direct effects of menopause on FUE procedures in women at this stage. However, it is true that Female Pattern Hair loss is more common in women during hormonal changes like menopause. I do not have an opinion regarding the decision to postpone the lips-suction procedure because I do not have enough information about your case, i.e. blood loss etc.....
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Shock loss after fue

Unfortunately, hair loss due to "shock" can occur in anyone getting a hair transplantation and the cause is unknown. It can occur in men and women alike. As far as performing multiple procedures at once, like a tummy tuck with liposuction, it is up to the doctor's discretion. Medical reasons, such as excess blood loss, are why we separate procedures. Costs vary among doctors as well as vary with the extent of the procedure. A tummy tuck for one patient can be very different from one for another patient in its difficulty and one doctor may charge less for liposuction because the procedure is less complicated.  It's difficult to compare apples to apples without knowing the full details of two patients procedures. 

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