Severe laser burns with IPL (Photo)

I had laser session on my legs wid IPL machine power I guess 35-40. blistering has taken place all over my leg. Soi have asked clinic to start my treatment. They have put me on antibiotic 650 mg linezolid n creams like fudic, silverex n also she asked me to do compressions on these with potassium permanganate light pink water She asked me to wash .N let these air dry and then put on these creams . Its been 5 days n condition has been worsened .Kindly suggest m I getting right treatment.

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IPL burns

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Not all IPL's are the same and not all providers are the same.  Older IPL systems are more likely to create a burn due to a low threshold of therapeutic to treatment ratio.  Older IPL's may use cryogen lamps instead of xenon lamps.  In addition, the threshold for therapeutic and burn is much lower in an older IPL system than newer IPL systems.  There are a select few 3rd generation IPL's which are much better at targeting browns and reds with higher absorption than older IPLs.  Newer IPLs block the cutoff at both a lower frequency as well as at a higher frequency allowing enough fluence to treat the area of concern without causing a burn.  IPL's should be performed under a physician's umbrella as safety parameters and effectiveness parameters will be much more likely.    It is better to spend money on an effective treatment than less money on an ineffective one. 

When you have a burn from a laser or IPl it is important you see a skin expert to get appropriate care and wound care.  

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IPL burns

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These need to be treated as burns and need to be followed closely by your physician. It is imperative that you treat them with topical antibiotics as well to avoid infection. Additionally avoiding sun exposure is critical. You will likely need to add a melanin suppressor after the areas have healed. You should be closely monitored by your treating physician for several weeks. Best wishes.

Pamela Stuart, MD
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IPL burns

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Hi Darasleen,Thank you for your question and photos. Burns after IPL are a sign that your energy settings were too high. Now that you've been burned, normal burn care needs to be followed. The priority is to keep them clean. If there are signs of infection, the blisters should be opened and antibacterial dressings applied.  Your doctor should be guiding this process. The other concern is hyper pigmentation. After the blisters and scabs go away, adding a melanin suppressor to your regiment could be considered. Again, working with your physician.  Hope that helps.
Dr. B

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Need to prevent secondary infections and possible scarring and pigmentation changes

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Thanks for your questions and sorry to hear your experience.  It is very important to prevent possible secondary infections if you have any open wounds and try to minimize possible scarring and pigmentation changes.  Topical antibiotic ointments followed by would healing creams, such as Avene Cicalfate and Rx Biafin can be applied, but you should see a local physician who can manage your current conditions well. You should avoid direct sun exposures on the affected areas.  Best,  Dr. Kevin Belasco

Kevin T. Belasco, DO
Newport Beach Dermatologist

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