Suturing not done properly. Do I need plastic surgery now? (Photo)

I had an accident a month back and right nostril was almost torn off. Got the stiches done but lower part not attached properly. Is it now possible to attach nostril properly. And is this swelling temporary or permanent. Do I need plastic surgery or it will improve on its own.

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Scar revision

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Your photo shows a viable nostril, and it's great news that the near-lost tissue has good blood supply and has survived the previous trauma.  The notch along the free lower border of the nostril will likely require a scar revision for better cosmesis.  The upper, bumpy part of the scar may benefit from scar-softening steroid injections, and the lateral attachment of the nostril may need to be tweaked, though it's difficult to evaluate this based on the single provided photo.  I'd recommend checking in with your surgeon, or finding a facial plastic or general plastic surgeon with lots of scar revision experience; though it's wise to wait a few more months for further healing and resolution of swelling, you can find a surgeon and start formulating a possible treatment plan now.  Good luck!

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Nose injury

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Fortunately, the part that was almost torn off survived and healed.  I think you could have this area revised to approve the appearance but I would wait a few more months to allow for the area to heal and mature completely and the blood supply to improve. 

Scott Thellman, MD
Lawrence Plastic Surgeon

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