How to reduce bust size non surgically?

M 28yrs old unmarried wth 67kgs weight n 5ft height. Tryn loosing weight. Bt my lower body is loosing much more compared to upper body. Bust being way too heavy for my lil frame of body

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How to reduce bust size non surgically?

The breast volume is comprised of fat and of true breast tissue and the proportions of each vary greatly during different periods of your life and also vary from one patient to the next. If a large part of the breast volume is fat, it can be reduced with weight loss. The part of the breast that is breast tissue can only be reduced by surgery. 

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How to reduce bust size non surgically?

Besides significant weight loss (if relevant), there is no nonsurgical method to reduce breast size. I would not recommend the use of any medications, herbs, creams, "miracle technology"… that you may find heavily marketed. Ultimately, breast reduction surgery may be your best option if your breast size remains a concern. Best wishes.

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Reduce breasts without surgery

Thank you for asking about your breast reduction.

  • If your breasts contain fat, you will lose size as you lose weight.
  • Or you can have liposuction of the breasts to reduce the size - but it will make them saggy.
  • Or you can have a surgical breast reduction -
  • These are the options open to you.
  • Given your weight, losing 25-30 pounds would be good for your health and if your breasts are still too small, you can consider surgery.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Bust size?

Tough to answer without more information.  Large breasts in a 28 yo typically means more than just fat.  It likely means you have quite a bit of parynchymal breast tissue...if that is the case then you will likely benefit from breast reduction surgery.  Hope this helps. Good luck and congratulations on your weight loss.

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