Does peeling and sotret cause breakouts and how long?

I am 24 year old female recently suffering from acne prob my doc suggested me sotret and I had 2 session of mild peeling but it is causing me more breakout is it normal and how long does it go

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Peeling and Sotret

Peeling and Sotret are used to treat and heal acne. The only problem is in combining these two treatments. I would suggest you not to undergo peeling while on Sotret. Once your skin is clear and you are done with Sotret, you can undergo mild peeling to improve your skin texture. Good luck! 

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Does peeling and sotret cause breakouts and how long?

Thanks for your query. Peeling and sotret do not cause acne, on the contrary they help in healing the acne. Peeling should be avoided while on sotret as they act as sebum regulators and thus make the skin very dry and thus make it more prone to the side effects like Pih and burns. Acne should be tacked first and peeling can be started only when the doses are tapered. Hope it helps.

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Soret and Acne

A careful assessment of your hormones and the cause for your acne should be first performed.  After this a detailed plan should be established.  Some patients get new acne on Soret.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist who is an expert in acne and peels.  Best, Dr. Green

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