Best composition for flawless skin?

Hi.i m in my late twenties.can I used tretinion based cream for skin lightening.if so in what composition? Also suggest the brand name plus my skin is combination type

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Best composition for flawless skin?

Thanks for your query. Tretin contains retinoic acid and it is used more as an anti ageing agent than skin lightening. You can have oral glutathione as it has wonderful antioxidants and skin lightening benefits, along with that you can consider vitamin C or azelaic acid based serum as they help in skin lightening and evening out skin texture.  Along with that you can consider chemical peels to delay signs of ageing. Hope it helps.

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Skin lightening with topical retinoids

Hi.tretinion based creams can be used for pimples especially for black heads and white heads and popularly used for antiaging and in combination with other agents like hydroquinone and mild steroids for hyperpigmentation.for skin lightening only retinoids are not very popularly used as it can lead to dryness,irritation on skin.It also needs to be used only in the evenings and strict photoprotection should be followed in the day time.For skin lightening topical glutathione creams can be applied.

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