Doing Sex can create sagging vulva and Labioplasty can also create any type of tightness also?

I am married from Last 10 months. since marriage my husband blame me that i dnt have any tightness in my vagina. when i visited dr. she told me my vagina is perfect but vulva is enlarge and loose . I only had a ovarian cyst operation 2 yrs back. since that tym i m observing sagging vulva but i dnt search coz i dnt have any idea about sex life. So, i just wanna know do vulva sag coz of sex habit or not and labioplasty can created any type of tightness also?

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Labialplasty for increased tightness

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Most of the procedures of labialplasty are for cosmetic appearances and not for tightening of the vaginal canal. This can be done with limited success by removing some tissue within the vaginal vault.

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