Does hair grow back after hair loss without hair transplantation?

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Hair loss-- quite a few causes

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You would need to see a hair restoration physician to first diagnose your hair loss.  The diagnosis dictates the treatment.  Some hair loss can be treated with medication, while other causes require a hair transplant.

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Does hair grow back after hair loss?

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vibssingh,There are many causes for hair loss. Whether the hair grows back depends on the cause. Without photos at the very least, it is not possible to ascertain what is causing your hair loss. I would recommend an in person evaluation with a hair loss expert.
Bernardino A. Arocha, MD

Hair growth

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Hi. Thanks for your question. Typically you will not see hair grow back from medical therapies such as Rogaine, laser therapy or Finasteride. However if there is a hair in the area of loss, even if it is very small or fine, you can see that hair get stronger and regain pigment. Therefore it can give the appearance of growth. I tell my patients to expect to see stabilization in their hair loss. If you want more hair, you should consider a transplant 

Craig Barbieri, MD
Overland Park Phlebologist
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Men undergoing genetic hair loss

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Genetic hair loss does not usually grow back unless there is a drug called finpecia which may reverse hair loss in men under 28

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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