No. Of grafts ? (photos)

I have undergone hair transplant 6 days ago...could you please tell me the no. Of grafts that have been planted on my scalp???. The density of planted hair is good or not ??.photos of front and back have been attached..I will be very thankful to you

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Can you tell how many grafts this patient had? Can anyone? No. Here's why:

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Dear Kamaljnagal,

Thank you for posting your question.  You had a hair transplant 6 days ago, and now you’re asking an international forum of surgeons how many grafts were placed in your head, and whether it is “good.” Clearly you’re concerned about the number of grafts that were transplanted, and that’s likely because you paid a certain amount of money “per graft” when you signed up and paid for your procedure. You think you received a certain number of follicles, but you’re not sure, and you’re feeling anxious about what you actually received.

Can you count the number of follicles transplanted?  No, you can’t.

Can anyone, including me, or any other hair restoration surgeon, other than the surgeon who performed your surgery, tell exactly how many grafts were implanted into your scalp?  Not a chance.

Isn’t it strange that the cost of a procedure is based upon something that is not possible to quantify?  I think it is, because how do you really know?  The entire hair restoration surgery industry is VERY aware of this fact.  Everyone knows that the patients cannot tell how many grafts they have received.  And many providers in this field are less than scrupulous, promise an impossibly high number of grafts, and charge accordingly, but fail to ever deliver the number of grafts paid for.  It happens every day, and I’m 100% positive it’s going on as I type this reply to you right now. It’s a system designed to extract as much money from patients as possible. As an example, there is one clinic here in my city of Atlanta, Georgia, that is giving the same exact estimate to every single patient no matter how much hair loss and no matter how much hair is available to be transplanted. How do I know? Many of these same patients come to see me after they have been to this “cheaper” clinic, and when I ask them what they were told, the answer is the same every single time: 3,500 follicles.  That is a *very* large number of grafts, and when a smaller female with a small head and not much hair loss tells me she was quoted this number, it’s hard not to laugh.  I mean, there’s absolutely no way to remove that amount of hair from a small woman with a small head, but she has the same estimate as the 6 foot tall man with the large head and a great deal of hair loss.  It makes no sense, and many in the industry are hopeful that the large numbers seem large, and that people will pay for the large numbers.

Do the numbers really matter? Are my patients asking me for a number, or are they in my clinic asking for new hair?  It’s the new hair, of course, but the industry is clinging to the “charge-by-the-graft” paradigm for financial reasons.  Results, not graft numbers, are what really matter.  This is one reason I do not charge by the graft, because as a facial plastic surgeon it makes no sense to me.  It’s like charging for a complicated nasal surgery “by the nostril.”  

Selling hair restoration procedures by the graft is the invention of the business man, not the physician.  From a medical standpoint, the number of grafts only approximates the actual amount of skilled surgical work must be performed.  There are many other factors at play.  The procedure has hundreds of subtleties and nuances that cannot be simply summed up with a per-graft price.  

Hair restoration surgery is a highly complex medical procedure.  It’s a service, not a product.  Using graft numbers and focusing on that is only a way to distract a patient from asking questions some practice would rather you not ask, such as “what are the surgical qualifications of the physician performing my surgery, if any?” and “how experienced is the team of technicians that will assist the surgeon and who are critical to the success of the procedure?” and “how many procedures has the surgeon performed” and “how many procedures will my surgeon be performing on my surgery day?”  

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Kind Regards,

Ken Anderson, MD

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Atlanta Hair Restoration Surgeon

Hair transplant

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Thank you for posting your question. If you have any concerns, you should speak with your surgeon. It is hard to say from the photos exactly how many follicles and how many hairs were transferred. The transplant appears thoroughly done. Hopefully, you will love your result. 

Benjamin C. Paul, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How many grafts transplanted ?

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It is probably you don't thrust your doctor or you did not have your surgery with a doctor.

Anyway so far I can see you have received a decent transplantation and it looks fine.You need to wait for sometime without focusing the number of grafts.Just as an estimation it is between 3300-4000 grafts.

Ilker Apaydin, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon
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You can ask your doctor how many grafts your received. You can try to count the tiny dots on your scalp for an approximation.

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You can ask your doctor how many grafts your received.  You can try to count the tiny dots on your scalp for an approximation.

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Number of grafts!

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Definately encourage you to speak with your doctor and review your chart. You likely paid for each graft, it normal to Inquire the number transplanted. Most patient can tell you exactly. It looks like really nice work, I hope you find your answers.

Craig Barbieri, MD
Overland Park Phlebologist
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Number of grafts

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I can not count the number of grafts you had done. If you don't trust your doctor, ask to see the surgical record where the proper number of grafts will have been recorded

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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