Will Delaying Breast Augmentation for 5 Months Affect Results?

I have re-scheduled my Breast Augmentation to July (5 months from now) because I am still lactating just a little and I am trying to avoid complications. I stop breast feeding 6 months ago but want to stop lactating completely before I go under the knife.

My question is, I am going subglandular because of droopiness, will my breast droop or sag even more if I wait 5 months from now to get augmentation done? I am trying to avoid lift too. Thanks.

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Avoiding breast lift with breast augmentation

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If you are still lactating, everybody agrees you should wait until all lactation has ceased.

However the more important question is the choice of procedure. if you are borderline for needing a lift while lactating, you will almost certainly need a lift after losing pregnancy weight and lactating breast tissue.

When a lift is needed and an implant is placed instead, this tends to yields large, saggy breasts.

If an implant is placed in the subglandular position, the circulation between the muscle and the breast is forever divided. There is less blood supply to the nipple. This can cause nipple problems down the line when a lift is eventually performed. Not to mention higher rates of scar tissue formation, reduced visualization on mammogram, more "fake look", implant visibiligy, rippling, etc.

You may be wise to reassess your entire situation in 6 months.

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You can't avoid a breast lift if you need one

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It is a common misconception that you can lift the breast with subglandular implants. If this is possible, it is only very slightly. Using a larger implant in this misadventure also leads to a ball in sock breast eventually and often a bigger result than you wanted. Also, mammograms are not as good above the muscle.

My advice is to go below the muscle with the right size for you and accept the lift if you need one. Maybe only a periareolar will be needed!

Wait to finish lactating before having breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question. You are correct that you should wait until you are no longer lactating before having breast augmentation. Waiting 5 months will not affect your result. Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon if breast lift is needed as well.

Breast implants after lactating

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My preference is to have no breast milk coming out through the nipple to keep the risk of infection low. I do not think you are going to sag a great deal more in the ensuing 5 months, but if you are going to go sub-glandular to improve the little sagging you already have, I am afraid that in time, you will sag even more due to the increased weight pulling on the skin. It will look good for a while as the skin envelope gets filled, but then gravity will take over.

Hold off on breast aug until you are done lactating.

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Thank you for your question.

If you are still lactating, it is actually better to wait. This will give your breast more time to get back to their normal state, in which your doctor can tell you what results to expect more realistically. It also allows your physician to figure out which procedure would be best for you.

While you may want to avoid a lift, it is usually the best option for fixing saggy breasts. You may only need a little periareolar lift which has minimal scarring. Going under the muscle is always my preference and I avoid subglandular for the most part. Discuss all of your options with your plastic surgeon.

Best regards,

Dr. Speron

Sam Speron, MD
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Delaying breast augmentation

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I would agree that it is best to wait until milk is dry to do breast augmentation.

Regarding the drooping. This is due to relaxed support structures of the breast, with an overall reduction of strength. Placing the implant subglandular to finght sagging is just the opposite of what you should do, if you ask my opinon. Submuscular placement adds extra support that is lacking in the skin and breast.

Wait till there is no more milk to have breast implants.

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You are so right to wait before having breast augmentation. A few months will not make any difference.
And get more than one opinion, because if you have a lot of sagging, avoiding a lift is a big mistake.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Delaying your surgery will not likely affect the outcome

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Hi there-

I don't think that the timing you describe should mean any change in the outcome you achieve.

On the other hand, I'm not sure I agree with your decision making...

As one of my colleagues has stated, placing implants over the muscle in order to avoid a breast lift may not actually be in your best interests, and the degree of "lifting" you achieve is likely to be minimal.

Consider this carefully between now and the date of your surgery.

Delay breast augmentation until lactation stops

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Generally, it will take six months to stop lactating after breast feeding is over, though lactation can go on much longer. Stimulation to the breast and nipple can keep prolactin levels high. Exercise and jogging may contribute. To dry things up, use a snug sports bra and delay your augmentation date. The subglandular augmentation will be fine, though if the breast is lactating, the milk secretions can collect around the implant and produce fullness and discomfort. Waiting until lactation completely stops will not affect your result. You will not droop even more, and you will also have a better idea as to what implant will allow you to best reach your goal.

Best of luck.

Delay will not change things very much for Breast Augmentation

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If you have stopped breast feeding 6 months ago then I would expect that you are pretty dry except when you squeeze the nipple. If you keep squeezing the nipple to check for milk you keep stimulating the breast to lactate.

If you need a breast lift at this time then you will need a breast lift in 5 months. If you have some glandular activity due to the milk production then you will have more laxity once it has completely settled down.

Going in the subglandular position could be a significant problem if you have some droopiness. The implant will tend to "fall" into the skin and pull the breast down. Early on it might look okay but the long term is not good. If the implant is above the muscle and then becomes very heavy and droopy; the correction is to place the implant behind the muscle and do a lift. This is a very complex procedure and may need to be separated into two different procedures to make it safer.

I hope this advice is helpful.

Best Wishes.

Marcus L. Peterson, MD
Saint George Plastic Surgeon

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