Delayed Sculptra Reaction (Swelling, Bruising)

I had a Sculptra and after the initial bruising (about 7 days) everything looked good. After about 7 weeks, my face started swelling and bruising again under my eyes. It started out small, but now it is massive and has become 1 large lump extending from under my eyes to the temples. It is very painful, disfiguring and bruised. I had one cortisone injection into a marble sized lump and it broke it up. I don't know if i should continue the cortisone, do saline injections or just leave it.

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Sculptra post-treatment side effects

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These symptoms sound highly unusual following Sculptra treatment.  Bruising is related to injection, and should not occur weeks following any of the injectables used to revolumize the face.  I would discuss with the treating physician, or seek out an experienced Sculptra physician injector.  They can be easily located on the Sculptra Aesthetic website.  Physicians with a "T" next to their name are trainers on the product and may have more breadth of experience in handling such an event following Sculptra injection.

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Sculptra reaction

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If you received a good response with a cortisone injection, you should do many  more to make it flat.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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