Could Delayed Allergic Reaction Result in Increased Pain, Breast Discomfort, Nipple Hypersensitivity Two Weeks After BA?

Hello! I have a 410 style 255cc unders. Good recovery. No narcotics post op. Reacted to Keflex (non-IgE). About the time of rash onset developed increased breast pain, swelling, and nipple hypersensitivity. Also, I can almost feel the "fluid" move around in the pocket, and to the areola, which is painful. Is it due to inflammation internally or muscle overuse? Currently, on steroids for the reaction, which seems to get better. Have a follow up in 5 days. Would like more input though:) Thanks!

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Allergic Reaction

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Allergic reactions can have many manifestations including just about any symptom imaginable. Allergies to silicone are extraordinarily uncommon. Allergies to keflex, surgical prep solutions, bra fabric are more common, and should resolved once the cause is removed. The symptoms you describe are common after any sort of breast surgery, so it would be hard to say what the cause is. Chances are it will resolve without explanation.

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