Delaware Mohs Surgery Doctor Recommendations

I have a history of skin cancer which usually requires Mohs surgery. Can anybody recommend to me a board-certified doctor in Delaware who performs Mohs surgery?

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Mohs surgery doctor

Look for a doctor at is the professional organization that manages official Mohs surgery fellowship training and has a long standing reputation with reliable standards. Only Mohs surgeons who have completed Mohs college fellowships may be members. 

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Mohs Surgery doctor in Delaware

I would definitely echo Dr. Krant's suggestion that you search the Mohs College web site, at to find the most experienced surgeons and to learn more about the Mohs technique. Here are 2 fellowship trained surgeons in Deleware:

Christopher M. Conti, MD
Newark, DE
Panzer Dermatology Associates, PA
(302) 633-7550

Heidi Kozic, MD
Newark, DE
Panzer Dermatology
(302) 633-7550

Chad L. Prather, MD
Baton Rouge Dermatologic Surgeon

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