I want vaginal rejuvenation maybe b/a and wonder how being an out of town patient works? DE/NJ area

I'm wanting to get vaginal rejuvenation and possible breast augmentation and there are no plastic surgeons really worth going to in my immediate area that do both . How does it work to be an out of town patient? Do you travel to each appointment ? Can you do same day and how would that even work if you needed financing?Or can you be quoted w/ pics?

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Traveling for plastic surgery

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Traveling to have cosmetic surgery procedures is very common these days. As patients are becoming more educated and learning the importance of seeking out a board certified plastic surgeon with special expertise in the procedures they are interested in, they are willing to travel to make sure they are treated by that expert. An increasing number of my patients fly in from around the United States, and even the world, to have their surgery with me. As such, I have made the journey as easy as possible for all of these out of town patients. To start, I offer Skype consults so that we can meet for the first time from the comfort of your home. This cuts out an extra trip to Beverly Hills for you. If after this Skype consult you have decided to have surgery with me, we will schedule your pre-op just a day or 2 before your surgery to meet in person for the first time and then your surgery will follow right after. Before you come to Beverly Hills, Maggie, my surgery consultant, will send you information about lab work, etc. Most patients stay in LA for about a week following surgery so I can see you 1 day and 1 week after surgery. After that you can fly back home and finish recovering. Since we know you are probably not familiar with the area, we can help arrange your hotel stay. Hope that information helps!

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I want vaginal rejuvenation maybe BA and wonder how being an out of town patient works?

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Thank you for sharing your question.  As an out of town patient make plans for an initial discussion over phone or FaceTime with the surgeon to sense whether the two of you can work well together.  If you feel comfortable, then schedule an in-person examination to fully discuss your goal outcomes and have an evaluation of your breast and genital anatomy performed to see if your desired results can reasonably be approximated. Quotes can then be established and financing arranged while a date and time for surgery can be scheduled.  Hope this helps.

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This is how we handle out of town patients who want vaginal rejuvenation and breast augmentation

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Vaginoplasty for out of town patients begins with emails and phone calls to establish the details of the work that needs to be done. Bloodwork and any necessary medical evaluations are done in your local area before you travel. Face-to-face consultation is done when you arrive and surgery is done same-day or next-day. If you are flying into town, surgery is a next-day event to eliminate any issues related to air travel delays. Unless you are opting for total local anesthesia, you must travel with a responsible adult companion. You may travel home 24 hours after vaginoplasty. Breast augmentation requires that you send photos in advance to make sure that breast implants are truly the appropriate procedure for your goals. We stock a full range of implant sizes and can have any additional sizes made available in 24 hours. You may trave home 24 hours after breast augmentation as well. The procedures can be combined, but you would probably feel better rested if you waited 48 hours to travel home.

Vaginal rejuvenation and breast aug

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Thank you for inquiring as this is a very common situation in my practice.  I am a board certified urogynecologist who has been performing vaginal rejuvenation since 2001 and  I was the first urogynecologist in the country to perform vaginal rejuvenation.  I do not do breast augmentations because my forte is the vagina.  I work concurrently with a plastic surgeon who will do the breast augmentation at the same surgery.  My partner and I have operated on patients from 50 states and 54 countries so my staff is well versed in patients from out of the country as well as out of state.  Usually we can schedule you to be seen by my partner or I and  the same day to see the plastic surgeon .    Many patients choose to go to surgery the next day.  I always suggest it might be better to make two trips so you get to learn the personality of your surgeons and to make sure you are comfortable with each surgeon i.e. the urogynecologist (vag rejuvenation) and the plastic surgeon ( breast augmentation).  There is not need to rush to surgery.  Often patients, after doing their research, decide to be seen and go to surgery the next day.   YES --- I believe photos of both the breast and the vagina are beneficial but they are never a substitute for an examination where we can visualize in 3D.   My staff can get the information needed from you to discuss costs  (however - sometimes woman have advanced vaginal prolapse which needs more work and costs more--- I promise to offer only what you need for surgery).  Please feel free to view my website and contact our office for more information.  

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