What deformities are present in my nose? (photos)

I want to appropriately describe/address issues to a revisionist/injection specialist. Tight nostril/difficult breathing, flat/wider bridge,dry/bloody nose daily, nostril show,crooked nose/tip, sharp bones/ "valleys" under skin, & loose skin. I just wanted a nose without a bump and I just feel my nose looks a little unnatural now. I'm 7 mos post revision surgery. Would injections correct these visual problems? What is the correct terminology for what I'm describing? Thanks in advance! I want to become more educated as I may consider a 3rd surgery or injections. (Female nose)

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Considering Rhinoplasty

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  Dear  ihavequestion, thank you for your question.Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure that can dramatically change one's appearance. In our San Diego practice we perform computer imaging to determine what may be possible in your case. Actual and after photos are a good way to evaluate your surgeon.Good Luck!

San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

It's difficult to advise you about your nasal appearance after revision rhinoplasty based on the photos you posted.

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Your hump is gone, and your right profile may reveal an under-projected tip. We can see an indentation along your left bridge. You may benefit from consulting several rhinoplasty specialists so you could see what might be best for you.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Revision nose surgery

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Ihavequestions123, I cannot give you advice based on the photos provided. Please don't do anything drastic until you have waited at least one to two years. To simplify, injections can help small contour irregularities. Unless your nose is in bad shape I would counsel against any more revisions surgery.

M. Sean Freeman, MD
Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon
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