Options for Deformed Chin After Removal of Implant?

Hi. I was reading the forum and your advice. I had a Chin implant removed 4 years ago because it was too big. My chin never looked the same. In fact, it kind of looks like I have a witch's chin now.

Is there in fact a procedure that can be done the fix this and what is the cost of it? Thank you

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There are options for deformed chin after implant removal


I'm sorry to hear that you have had this problem for so long. There are ways to correct witch's chin deformities that depend on the cause. Oftentimes, by tightening the mucle and removing some skin, you can achieve the correction you are looking for. Unfortunately, not all surgeons know how to do this but we have found that the correction works very well.

If you have any more specific questions, feel free to let us know

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Correction of chin after implant removal

Without seeing your picture, I would guess that a silicone implant was placed originally, then removed. A smooth capsule forms around this prosthesis, and after removal the fatpad and muscles of the chin could "slide" inferiorward as the capsule is very "slick". Local anesthesia could be used to repair this problem, provided my diagnosis is correct.

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