Deformed Bone Removed in Nose. Trouble Clearing Nose?

Hi 20years ago i lad a deformed bone in my nose removed. I have always since had trouble clearing one side of the nose the more i blow i get nowhere it ends up down my throat. I get bad nasal drip and i am alwasys congested. I found out today that the removal of the bone has left a small hole up in my nose which would explain why i have no pressure there, I am going on nasonex for 3 months to see if this helps . would an op to close this hole be a good idea or not

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Trouble Breathing After Bone Removed

What you have described is something called a "septal perforation" which may be one component causing you difficulty breathing.  However, given that you have already had surgery 20 years ago, it is quite possible that there are other factors which could be contributing to your functional concerns.  A CT scan of your sinuses may be helpful as well as a formal scope of your nose, but Nasonex is certainly a reasonable way to start.  Make sure you also go to a physician who is board certified in Facial Plastic Surgery/Otolaryngolgy as they are specialists in this area.

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