I Have a Deformation of my Breast Around the Scar Area. Will It Get Better, or Do I Need Yet Another Surgery? (photo)

6 years ago I had a reduction that left my breasts saggy. Recently I went to a clinic to get them fixed by having a lift and a small implant. After my first surgery I had a "scar capsule" that left my breasts uneven so they had to perform a second surgery to fix it. After the second surgery the results are even worse. I had the surgery done out of country so post-op consults are very hard. Is this the surgeons fault? How can I fix this? After 3 surgeries I'm feeling very frustrated.

Update: My surgery was done in Florida. I'm from Canada.  The swelling below the breast is not the implant. I can feel it and it seems correctly located. I'd really like to know what went wrong? I've had 3 surgeries already to get "normal" looking breasts and it's failed every time. First a reduction that left me with saggy boobs. Now two failed breast lift/augmentation. I just want to look normal.

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I Have a Deformation of my Breast Around the Scar Area. Will It Get Better, or Do I Need Yet Another Surgery?

Your implant has dropped below the infra mammary crease incision. Thus you need revision surgery. This is why out of country surgery that has a poor outcome is very hard to find USA surgeons who will take you on. You need to do multiple in person consults and expect to be charged a fee for the revisions.

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Assymetry after augmentation

Sadly this is the risk of medical tourism.  This can be fixed but will require further surgery to adjust the pocket.  I usually wait about 6 months for a revisionary surgery, but in your case less time might be possible.  I would recommend that you visit with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss options.

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