Will their be any deformation in my nose if it was hit by a hard ball 3 weeks after surgery?

I was hit by a ball today at the tip of my nose and it caused alot of pain and started bleeding for a minute or however before the ball hit the tip of my nose i was unable to move the tip of it and it was hard. But after it hit i was able to move it side to side very slightly. There were no deformaties in the appearence after it hit it but im scared i that i may have caused severe damage because of the fact that i am able to move the tip. Iam very worried and would appreciate if you reply asap

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See your surgeon to confirm

If you aren't feeling any lasting pain, swelling or see no difference, then you may be fine. However, if you want to confirm see your surgeon.

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Injury 3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty

If your nose does still appear straight, then the injury likely won't impact the outcome of the rhinoplasty. Please see your surgeon so that he or she may address any concerns that you have.

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Trauma after rhinoplasty surgery

Injury to the nose is possible after rhinoplasty whether it is 3 weeks or 3 years after surgery. If you have had trauma with significant force such as taking a hardball to your nose in the early recovery period and you are concerned, you should arrange a follow-up appointment with your surgeon.

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