Can you deform your nose by pressing HARD on the bridge?

I had this complusive tick that caused me to press on my nose bridge bump. I did it LOTS. It never affected my breathing until recently I noticed I have been unable to breathe out of one nostril for the past 8 months. It's been really hard to breathe and I think I can even feel a stagnant cartilage blocking one nostril. Is this permanent? Cartilage has memory so I really hope it will bend back? Also, could cartilage have slipped off since I constantly pressed on it? Or could I have deviated my septum?

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Nose deformity due to pressing

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The dorsal hump is either a bone or cartilage but more commonly a combination. Both components are more than strong enough to withstand constant digital pressure quite well, hence, your difficulty in breathing is unlikely caused by deformity, fracture, or displacement of the structure. 
It will be best if you will see a specialist to perform an intranasal examination.
The solution is usually just a simple procedure.

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