I Have Had a Deflated Saline Implant for 4 Years. How Can I Get Financial Aid?

I got my first breast augmentation in 2006 and in 2008, my right saline breast implant started leaking. I have a claim with the company but I need to pay for surgery in order to have it removed and replaced/get a reimbursement check for the one implant. I understand there is no evidence of a health threat of the empty bag being in there for so long but it affects me everyday mentally. I want them redone but am unable to pay for surgery. Is there any kind of financial aid out there to help me?!

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Deflated Saline Implants Usually covered by implant company

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Your are right there is no financial aid that I am aware of that would cover removal and replacement of a ruptured saline implant. However, my experience with the two major implant companies that would have manufactured your implant are responsive and ethical and with the proper documentation should come through for you (unless it is a PIP implant in which case you are out of luck). Surgical Loans (e.g. Care Credit) are an option, but of course the overall cost at the end would be higher.

Implant deflation

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is an unfortunate risk of breast augmentation and I hope your implants are either from McGhan/Allergan or Mentor as many other manufacturers have essentially left the USA, leaving  patients with their products uncovered such as was the case with PIP.  You should talk to your  original surgeon to see if they can help you through this process to make it less financially straining for you. 











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Your best bet is to talk to the surgeon who did your original surgery. If the implant was made by either Mentor or Allergan, they are replaced with free implants. They will give you some money back toward replacing them. Talk to your doctor.

Deflation of implant

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Usually the implant company will replace the implants at no fee and put money toward the surgery.  It really depends upon the company and how long ago you had them  done.

Deflation and Costs of Surgery

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Thank you for your question.

Your best bet is to speak to your plastic surgeon so that he/she can discuss how the office can assist you and they can point you in the best direction in regards to financing. Otherwise, there is no "financial aid" for returning to the operating room.

Best Wishes.

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