Best Surgery for Deflated Breast Under Armpit, Caved in

I am 25 years old with two kids and I plan on having more after whatever it is that needs to be done. My issue is when I lean over my breast look very deflated right under my armpit (caved in). Would just a lift help solve this problem, or would I need implants?

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Breast lift vs. augmentation in post pregnancy breast

Post pregnancy breasts often develop a deflated appearance. This can be due to drooping that requires some type of lift to correct, or to loss of volume which requires an implant to replace.

There is no one solution suits all; it is a combination of measurements, judgment, and decision making by the patient that guides what procedure is performed.

A consultation usually requires an hour or more of examination, measurements, discussion, viewing different implant types and sizes, and looking at before-after pictures. You wil then be equipped to know whether a lift, implants or both are best for you.

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Help for the deflated post-pregnancy breast

Your description of the changes that happen to the breasts after childbearing is classic. It is important to keep in mind that every situation is different, but most often the deflated look is a combination of volume loss and stretched out skin.

Sometimes an implant accomplishes the lift by "re-inflating" the breast, though this would require going larger than you were pre-pregnancy if the skin is stretched out. You should only consider that if your surgeon recommends it and you wanted to go larger anyway. Typically, a combination lift and augmentation is best, especially when you have volume loss toward the armpit. That is not likely to be improved by a lift alone.

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Correction of Deflated Breasts

The pregnancy-related REPEATED serial engorgement and stretching of the breasts followed by deflation nearly always results in droopy, sagging breasts.

Depending on the size/volume of the breasts, this is correctable with either a breast LIFT (MASTOPEXY) or a LIFT / AUGMENTATION.

There is NO POINT in going through these operations if you are planning on getting pregnant again. From your statement:"...two kids and I plan on having more after whatever it is that needs to be done", it sound like you have not completed your family. I would strongly recommend that you first complete your family and only then proceed with either a Lift (Mastopexy) or an Augmentation / Lift .

To understand all you need to know regarding Breast Lift, follow the comprehensive link at the bottom of this posting-

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Best Surgery for “Deflated” Breasts after Pregnancy?

Thank you for the question.

Patients who have had children and/or significant weight loss may develop “deflation” of the breasts,  medically termed " involutional  hypoplasia”.  Generally breast lifting is not sufficient;  breast augmentation is usually necessary to correct the “deflated” look. 

Also, in general, it is best to wait ( if possible) to have breast surgery until after you have completed pregnancies and have reached a long-term stable weight.  This will  maximize the chances that additional surgery will not be necessary for post-pregnancy and/or post-weight-loss breast changes.

I hope this helps. 

Deflated breasts

If your breasts appear to be deflated, you may need an implant alone or with a lift. It would be hard to say without an exam.

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Breast impants versus lift for caved in breasts

Hi, it's hard to tell what you need without examining you. If you wish to have breasts that are much fuller, you may need implants. If you like the way your breasts look in a bra when they are supported and lifted, a breast lift will be the best option.  I hope this helps. Good luck, /nsn.


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Best surgery for deflated breast with under armpit caved in

Without a photo very hard to diagnose your exact issue. But a Breast Lift would help. Go see 3 boarded plastic surgeons in your area. Regards.

Loss of upper pole volume

You are describing pseudo (or glandular) ptosis (sagging). Essentially, this is due to loss of breast volume and descent of the gland due to stretching of the support structures. This is corrected with breast implants alone.

You may or may not need a lift. This will depend on the position of your nipples, which you did not comment on.


Breast augmentation for deflated breasts

It is difficult to determine exactly what would need to be done to correct your current breast condition. It is very likely that if the breasts are deflated then only a breast augmentation would be needed but if you have associated breast sagging then a lift would also be required to give you a satisfactory result. If you are planning on having additional children then you may considering delaying surgery.

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Do breast lift or breast augmentation after your pregnancies.


Very hard to tell what you need without examining you. Probably a breast lift, with or without breast implants.  But another pregnanacy may deflate your breasts again.  So I would wait.

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