Can You Clearly Defined the Incidence of Complications with a Brow Lift (Open Procedure)?

Can You Clearly Defined the Incidence of Complications with a Brow Lift (Open Procedure)?

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Complications of a brow lift

In experienced hands the complication rate of an open brow lift is very low.  The immediate complication that can occur is a hematoma, although we place drains in the forehead to prevent this.  Patients are also given antibiotics to prevent infection.  Asymmetrical brow position is best treated with an open coronal procedure.  It is important to make sure the eyebrow corrugator and depressor muscles are in equal balance at the time of the procedure.  Paralysis of the facial nerve branch that lifts the eyebrow is exceedingly rare in experienced hands.

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Complications of open brow lifting

There should be a distinction between complications (major bleeding, motor nerve injury, significant hair loss) and expected side effects (numbness, bruising, minor transient hair loss).  In general complications are very rare and in my experience the revision rate for an open brow lift is one of the lowest of all facial plastic surgery procedures.

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Incidence of Complications with Open Brow Lifting

The incidence of complications associated wtih open brow lifting is low.  In two large studies (with over 1600 patients total) the complication rate ranged from 4-7%.  The complications included: transient eye irriation, scalp irritation with either numbness behind the incision or abnormal sensations, alopecia, and  unfavorable scarring.

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Complications From Open Browlift Surgery

The complications from an open browlift include the following; permanent scalp or hairline scarring (< 5% need for scar revision), temporary or permanent numbness of the forehead and scalp (problematic permanent numbness is very rare), brow asymmetry (< 10%), overcorrection or undercorrection of the eyebrow position (< 20%) and that aging is an ongoing process that may eventually return one to their preoperative appearance years later. Overall, browlift surgery has a fairly low rate of complications that require revisional surgery.

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