Do I have tuberous breasts? (Photo)

I have always found my nipples and breasts unattractive... I am considering surgery in the future but I was curious as to whether I have tuberous breasts. I have "puffy" nipples when not aroused or not cold. Does that mean my breasts are tuberous and would a breast augmentation make my nipples appear less puffy? Also, since my skin is so fair and my nipples are such a light color, would a scar be more noticeable or take longer to heal? Thank you!

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Tuberous Breasts

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You most certainly have tuberous breasts by the photos you uploaded. This condition presents itself in varying degrees and yours would be moderate, but not severe. There seems to be lower pole constriction, large areola, and somewhat puffy areola. An augmentation mammoplasty and areolar reduction would provide an excellent result. An implant could be placed into the subpectoral position through a small periareolar incision. You would require lowering the inframammary fold crisscross scoring the lower pole of the breasts to provide rounding out around the implant and dividing the inframammary fold ligament, so you do not have a double bubble appearance. After the correct size and symmetry is obtained by sitting you up in surgery, a bilateral areolar reduction would complete this surgery with slightly larger reduction on your left side to elevate that nipple, which is slightly lower. I think you could obtain a very beautiful and natural result. A periareolar incision would be necessary.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Minor tuberous breast deformity

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Hi there,
I would agree that you have a minor degree of tuberous breast deformity.  Breast augmentation alone will not make your nipples less puffy, but a mastopexy will, so an augmentation-mastopexy would serve you best (or even a mastopexy alone if you are happy with the size of your breasts). No need to worry too much about scarring as scars on fair skin do better than any other skin type.
All the best,

James Southwell-Keely, MD, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Do I have tuberous breasts?

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You do not appear to have the full scale of tuberous breast, but do have herniation of your breast tissue into the areola. This may be improved with a circumareolar tightening. If you would like more volume and fullness in the upper breast an augmentation would help that nicely. Good luck.

I have tuberous breasts.

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A tuberous breast shape is determined by a constriction of the skin envelope, especially in the lower breast, and a herniation or prominence of the nipple. There are grades from mild which we think you are, and quite severe. Augmentation alone probably will not solve the puffy nipple, and a release and around the nipple reduction is often needed.Light skin color is better as far as healing is concerned.

Tuberous component

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It does look like you have a component of a tuberous breast with the protruding areolas.  They can be treated with a circumareola reduction, but they are skewed laterally and it is doubtful that they will  be able to move more centrally.

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