Does my scar revision and belly button look right? (photos)

Im worried that the incision is going to get infected because it's getting red. I have been cleaning it with anti batirical soap and water and then putting gauze over it. Should it look like the way it does? Same goes for my belly button. I've been cleaning out with anti bacterial soap, water and. Q-Tips. Should I try and remove the stuff that looks like puss? I feel like my belly button is going to look deformed. What should I do?

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Does my scar revision and belly button look right? (photos)

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs. Because of the worsening redness along your abdomen, and wound separation at your belly button, I would recommend seeing your surgeon for an in-person evaluation to determine if you need antibiotics for a presumed infection while also discussing local wound care for your belly button.  Hope this helps.

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