What are the procedure of getting a facial lipoma remove next to my left eye? (photos)

I was born with a lipoma in my head on the side of my left eye. It never hurt until recently when I got a tooth removed. The lipoma have been hurting ever since. It's been two weeks now, still hurt but not as much. I have an appointment to see a plastic surgeon next week. My question is would it ti possible to get it removed since it's in a such fragile place. I really want to get it removed as it lowers my self confidence but I'm really scared.

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Lipoma removal on side of face

If the mass on the side of your forehead is a lipoma, it could be removed in the office.  This would be a fairly simple procedure that could be done with just local anesthesia.  The resulting scar from removing it would normally be much less noticeable than the mass itself.  

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What are the procedure of getting a facial lipoma remove next to my left eye?

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  It is absolutely possible to have your lipoma removed and it can be safely performed with an incision in your hairline to hide any scarring from view.  You will see an immediate improvement that should help your self-confidence.  Best wishes on its removal!

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