Post surgery -- how can I even out my forehead? (Photos)

I just remove a bump I had on my forehead 2 weeks ago. The surgeon who perform the operation isn't sure exactly what is is, but she said it's not a lipoma nor a tumor. Now that the lump is removed, it creates an empty space on my left forehead which makes my face look misshaped. My question is is there anything I can do to even out my forehead. Thanks

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Forehead contour after lesion excision

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Thank you for the great question. Once the pathology has been reviewed and confirmed to be benign, there are multiple approaches to improving the forehead contour. Basically, you need volume. There are soft tissue fillers that are temporary (e.g., Voluma or Radiesse). A longer-lasting option would be to either use your own fat (taken from around the belly button or the thighs) to fill in the depression. Alternatively, silastic (silicone-plastic) implants are available for the temple region. These can be customized to fit your specific defect. Best of luck moving forward!

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