How Long After a TT, MR and Lipo of the Flanks Can I Return to Doing Kickboxing Classes?

I had my TT, MR and lipo 4wks ago, im wondering how long do I have to wait before starting kickboxing classes?

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Workout post TT

This will depend on your doctor but usually I will let patients return after 4 weeks but since you will be kick boxing I would opt for 6 weeks.

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How Long After a TT, MR and Lipo of the Flanks Can I Return to Doing Kickboxing Classes?

Healing surgical wounds have reached 90% of the "tensile strength" that they will achieve by 6 weeks, and that is the time at which many plastic surgeons allow patient to return to normal activities. 

I use the 6 week guideline for my patients, but do make an exception for high impact activities like kick-boxing, where 90% may not be enough, and where I don't want to trust the average 6-week recovery, as it is slower for some. 

I would wait three months on a patient of mine who seems to be healing normally. 

But do check with your own surgeon. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Returning to Exercise After Surgery

I would ask your plastic surgeon since they are managing your care. Personally, I advise my patients to wait eight weeks or so before doing something high impact like kickboxing. After four weeks I think it's fine to do light workouts. Common sense is always the best practice, if something feels uncomfortable STOP IT immediately. 

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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1 month post-op Tummy Tuck

Whenever muscle repair is performed with your Tummy Tuck, you should wait 4 months before excessive stressing of the core and abdominal muscles.  Before this time, you risk tearing the muscle repair, which causes pain and could lead to bulging or herniation.  You should ask your plastic surgeon for his/or her recommendations also, since he/she knows the exact type and extent of repair performed.  The good thing is that you feel well enough to want to kickbox!

Steven Heaney, MD
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Return to activity after a tummy tuck

Return to activity should depend upon both the typical healing time and the degree of activity requested. It is certainly true that 6 weeks is the time expected for maximum tensile strength of scars, however this varies from individual to individual. I typically recommend at least 2 months of recovery prior to restarting core exercises and heavy activity. For kickboxing, you may want to wait an additional month or so. Listening to your body - pain, soreness, and fatigue - is important as well. As with any procedure, be sure to consult with your plastic surgeon before heeding any advice on this forum.

David Bogue, MD
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