Do you have any ideas of what might cause this and what this might be? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation exactly 1 week and a day ago. I just noticed today that there is a dent under the right side of my breast. I was a 34A, but had 375cc on left and 400cc on right. I'm really worried there is some kind of deformity beginning already.

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Hello, yo should not be alarmed. You are still swelling and you are far from your final result. probably that region missed a bit more of undermining but the implant should take care of it gradually 

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Indent post aug

since you are so soon post op I would not worry about this.It looks like this is in the area of the incision so I would give it more time to heal.

Robert Brueck, MD
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1 Week Post Op

Hi there, thanks for sharing your photos. You are still very early in your recovery. It is best to schedule a follow up visit with your surgeon if you have any post-operative concerns. Even if nothing is wrong, it will leave you with the peace of mind that you are fine. Your surgeon will also appreciate the open communication and will know the best course of treatment for you if any is required. Best to you. -Dr. Coan

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Hi and thank you for your question. 

it is indeed early in the postoperative recovery period. However there is clearly some asymmetry of the lower fold/curvature of the breast probably secondary to less undermining of the pocket on this side. Best make an early appointment with your PS as ultimately you may need a revision.

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Breast augmentation. Be patient!!!

Hello. Thank you so much for your question. In plastic surgery you have to be really patient because finals results are seen afyer 3 to 6 month when swelling goes down. Go to your surgeon and talk about your concern, he is the best to answer your question.

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Very hard to be sure the inferior medial folding effect. Best to see your surgeon ASAP..Otherwise after a few weeks if the implant settles into the pocket than no issue, but if not than possible revision will be needed. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Too early to worry

Since you are still very early in the postoperative period, there are many changes taking place that are simply the result of swelling.  Many of my patients are concerned about their immediate postoperative appearance and reassurance that the appearance will change over several weeks to months is expected.  I am not sure I can identify exactly what is causing the indentation...preoperative photos may help but I would just be patient and this will likely resolve itself.

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