Deep FX Disaster Treatment?

I have been badly scarred by Deep FX treatment. The doctor who performed the treatment used an energy level of 50 (Lumenis recommends keeping the energy under 20!), which resulted in deep wounds that are still healing after 5 weeks. There are lots of scarring, red marks, depressions, and texture/pigmentation problems. There is also an unhealed scar that will need surgical excision. I may be scarred for life, but I want to try everything that could help me get through with this. What are my options for treatment of this botched Deep FX job?

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Treatment of laser burns - Los Angeles

Early treatment is important. I treat many patients who have come to my office after receiving deep laser treatments by others. There are options to improve scarring. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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Go see the doctor

When a problem occurs, the best thing is to go see the doctor who did the procedure and ask for his opinion as to what can be done to correct this.  I agree that a level of 50 is very high.  Are you sure it was 50?  If he is doing this treatment, he will likely have other tools available to help correct.  I would recommend starting with the person who did the procedure.  You can always get a second and third opinion if you don't like what he says. 

Lisa Benest, MD
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DeepFX laser complications

That's really unfortunate that you had this occur to you.  I see so many complications from lasers performed by inexperienced or unqualified practitioners.  I help a lot of patients with these complications.  There's a lot that can be done to improve upon hyperpigmentation or discolorations, scarring, keloids, red discolorations, and depressions.  These can all be addressed with different procedures but you really need to consult with a true expert with lasers who has had a lot of experience treating laser complications.  This expert will also need to own the lasers that could help you with your problems.  I use different lasers to remove the red and brown discolorations and to help with the scarring.  For the depressions I use fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra, or Artefill. 

M. Christine Lee, MD
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