Wondering if I really have to have titanium instead of Zirconia? (Photo)

I'm wanting a zirconia implant for my Right incisor. My previous dentist and my Periodontist did dot mention what my new dentist has said; that the curve of my jaw angle is too severe to take the zirconia implant and suggests titanium implant with zirconium abutment. I need to be sure he's right because want Zirconia implants if I can. I can find nothing online that suggest Zirconia implants cannot be placed in certain arias. Please can I get the benefit of your knowledge in this situation.

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Zirconia implant

There is no question that titanium implants have the best long term data to support their use.The data on zirconia implants is much more limited.  

I am actually more concerned does the material match the patients immune system.  The Clifford test can tell whether your immune system is sensitive to a specific brand of implants.

I hope it helps. 

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