Should I go silicone due to too my many issues with Saline? Forced to go under the knife for a 3rd time in 10 years.

I am 31 years old and now looking to get my THIRD breast augmentation, (in roughly 10 years YIKES!) First one I got 375 cc Saline , breast moving out of pocket, size change after after 5 years . Second one I got 500cc saline, almost 5 years they got a LEAK instantly deflated in about 10 days to a pancake. NOW I am considering getting silicone as I have been having some issues with saline. Do you think I will have the same with silicone. Asian: 5'0, 120lbs, 31 has 1 child.

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Should I go silicone due to too my many issues with Saline?

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 I am sorry to hear about the complications you have experienced. Good advice would require a thorough evaluation (and a detailed discussion of the "issues" you are currently experiencing) and careful communication of the pros/cons associated with each type of breast implant. Keep in mind, that one option (especially given your frustration) will be breast implant removal surgery.

 My best suggestion: select your plastic surgeon carefully. Then, after careful communication of all the issues at hand, you will come up with a plan to proceed with. Best wishes.

Implant surgery

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Sorry that you have had a few issues with your implants. Silicone can leak as well, but it is not common as it is not common with saline either.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Redo breasts augmentation

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    Dear thee1anna,

    Front and side view pictures would have been very helpful. Sorry about your unfortunate history with your breasts augmentation surgery. This comes to show that you have to do your due diligence carefully and select your surgeon wisely in order to avoid bad results and redo surgery.

   I have been in practice for over 29 years and performed breasts augmentation surgery on thousands of patients. I used almost exclusively smooth,  round , moderate profile saline implants placed in a sub muscular pocket through a sub areola incision. Many of my patients are mothers and daughters and it is inconceivable that a mother will refer to my practice her daughter if she was not happy with her saline implants...

    Here are the advantages of using saline implant:

   1. Cost  $1000 less than silicone gel implants.

   2, Statistically has less capsule contracture.

   3. Can be placed in through small sub areola incision which is scar friendly regardless of the implant's size, while large silicone implants have to be placed through long sub mammary crease which is scar unfriendly.

   4. The sub areola incision entry allows for the creation of very nice cleavage under direct vision and feel due to the proximity to the area and the mobility of the breasts, where as the sub mammary incision is too far from the midline  , which  creates cleavage that is too wide. (check the photo galleries).

   5. It is a myth that silicone implants are more natural. I have removed many silicone implants and replaced them with saline implants to the delight of my patients.

   6. When saline implants leak (very rare) , replacing them is simple and can be done under local anesthesia, while silicone gel implants replacement is complex and require general anesthesia for comfort and thorough removal of the gel.

     As you have experienced yourself, not all results are the same, because experience, skills and aesthetic eye are critical for good outcome.

    Always, consult with experienced board certified plastic surgeons who do lots of redo breasts augmentation surgery in accredited surgery center for your safety. Most importantly, check the before and after pictures in the photo gallery, to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and attractive with nice cleavage, perky, symmetrical and natural looking. Also, check the reviews on 'RealSelf'  for ratings and positive experience reports.

                            Best of luck,

                                                Dr Widder

? silicon

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It is quite unusual to have two deflations in ten years. A thorough exam would be in order ti determine if you an area on your chest that would cause irritation to the implants. Also were your implants under inflated which leads to failure. Remember that silicone can also leak.

Barry M. Schwartz, MD
Weston Plastic Surgeon

Silicone vs saline

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Sounds like you have had enough complications/issues with saline implants to last you a lifetime. Silicone gel implants in 2016 are very safe and there is no reason not to switch from saline to silicone. If your current implants are in a good position and have a good pocket, your surgeon could likely just do a simple exchange procedure to remove your saline implants and replace, but don't wait too long as your pockets will collapse. 

Silicone vs saline

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Hello and thank you for the question. In nearly all situations, silicone will be superior to saline. Both have lifetime warranty vs rupture but in terms of feel and texture as well as visible rippling, silicone wins. 

silicone requires a longer incision due to the fact that it is already prefilled. Typically, this is placed at the inframmary border. 

I would also suggest the textured implants. texturing causes a different scar capsule reaction. the implant does not move as much and is less likely to move out of the pocket or bottom out. a 500 cc implant is fairly large for a 5' woman and I would be concerned about bottoming out or some other pocket issue. in the long term. 

You should prepare for about 1 week off of work to recover, and about a month out of the gym. 

As always best to be healthy, no smoking, and to make sure any health concerns you have are being managed by your primary care physician.

Best to you

Bennett Yang, MD
Rockville Plastic Surgeon
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Should I Choose Silicone Over Saline For My Breast Implant Revision?

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I believe silicone beats saline every time.  Saline implants tend to ripple, tend to feel less natural, and of course, have the potential for leakage.  Modern silicone implants, especially the Inspira by Allergan, have much less chance of rippling, are much more difficult to rupture, and if ruptured, do not leak.  

If you were my patient, I would recommend silicone breast implants.  

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