How Deep Does Vaser Lipo Go?

Last year I had my ovaries removed thru an old abdominal scar from a previous surgery. My surgeon mentioned post op that the fascia holding up my bowel(?) was 'ratty' and might require repair with mesh in the future. Could abdominal lipo cause any problem?

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Abdominal hernia is a contraindication to lipoplasty

You should absolutely have a full evaluation and repair of any abdominal wall dehiscence, weakness or hernia before you ever consider abdominal liposuction by any method or technology. Actually, any hernia repaired by mesh is a contraindication to lipoplasty, especially VASER lipoplasty for me. The mesh-less hernia repair should be completely healed before lipoplasty is performed to avoid the risk of intra-abdominal penetration or bowl extrusion.

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How Deep Vaser Lipo Goes

Traditional liposuction is only performed in the deep layers of fat. Deep fat is where the “bulk” is stored. Vaser technology has allowed surgeons to explore liposculpture in the superficial layer of fat. Superficial fat is located directly beneath the skin. In previous traditional lipo, this area would never have been touched. Hi-Def really takes place in the superficial layer of fat, just below the skin.

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Liposuction depth

I am not sure what a ratty fascia is but you should check with that surgeon(gynecologist?) to have him explain what he meant. Liposuctioning does not  involve the fascia. As long as you have someone who knows what they are doing and have no hernias it should be OK

John P. Stratis, MD
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