I Have a Deep Ridge in the Middle of my Forehead, Like Julia Roberts. What's Best Filler?

I have a deep ridge in the middle of my forehead to my brows, like Julia Roberts. What's best filler for this? What is the recovery time?

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A combination of filler and neuromodulator works great for forehead lines

Hi ChinnyLee,

What usually works well for lines in the forehead is a neuromodulator, such as Botox/Dysport/Xeomin, which will help reduce the movement in the muscles of the forehead. By reducing the movement, the lines aren't formed as easily and with time will become less noticeable. Depending on where in the forehead the lines are, you may benefit from a small amount of a hyaluronic acid injectable filler, such as Restylane, Juvederm or Prevelle Silk. I have found that the combination of neuromodulator with a filler really helps to keep the line from returning sooner. If you can submit a photo, it would greatly help in giving you specific advice about what would work best for you. I hope this helps! good luck!


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Filler for Brow Lines

Dear ChinnyLee,  Thank you for your question.  It is hard to give you specific advice without a photo or photos showing the line you are concerned about.  Why I mentioned photos is because when looking at patients with this complaint, we want to see the forehead at rest and in animation to determine how much of the line is being caused by the actions of the facial muscles.

If the line is mainly visible when you are animating your forehead, a product like Botox alone may be very successful by weakening the muscles that are causing the contractions that then "fold" the skin and form the wrinkle.  If the line is present even at rest, a combination of Botox and a filler often is very successful in correcting the problem.  There are lots of fillers on the market but in my practice, I like to use a HA (hyaluronic acid) filler in areas such as the forehead with its thin soft tissue cover and the amount of animation in the forehead.  Fillers alone in the forehead often do not work because fillers will not correct the part of the line that is being caused by the actions of the forehead muscle.  Also, sometimes the filler alone will "stand out" more when you do animate your forehead since everything else in the forehead will move and the filler will not.  It is better to blend in the filler with the rest of the forehead and its movement and Botox helps us do that by controlling the movement in the forehead.

Please meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is versed in treatment of these types of lines and can suggest to you the best treatment.  Thanks again and good luck!

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